We are now into our winter months and this is the time where rough sleepers need the most help. The freezing cold conditions can have a negative impact on rough sleepers help.


We can only accomplish this both financially and practically with the support of the community. The Outreach Teams are able to pinpoint rough sleepers through referrals, and with the weather so cold we need help from local  residents more than ever


If you would like more information on how to refer a rough sleeper please visit our outreach page or call Rough Sleeper Helpline (020 8404 1481)


We greatly value the help we receive from our volunteers, and our Outreach Team could not operate the shifts they need without them.

Last year over all SPEAR services 3,600 hours were given for the benefit of our service users. With the expansion of services into 5 London Boroughs there are plenty of opportunities to help those suffering homelessness from frontline activities such as Outreach and Skills Development Support, to station collection days and picking up donations.


If you would like more information on how to donate please visit our donations page for more information.


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