Accommodation for Men (House with multiple occupancy)

SPEAR supports 4 male only ‘House with Multiple Occupancies’ (HMO) that serve as a bridge between living in the hostel and living independently and sustaining tenancy. These clients are supported by a Key Worker from SPEAR.


  • In Kew, Richmond, the men’s HMO provides a variety of support need levels for 4 residents.  Residents usually stay for around 6 months to a year before they are ready to live more independently.  Clients are taught about tenancy sustainment and independence, once they have moved on from Penny Wade House.


  • In Twickenham, Richmond, the men’s Emergency HMO offers a 7 bed short stay accommodation for verified rough sleepers before they move on to private rented sector, Hostels or individual flats.


  • In Tooting, Wandsworth a short-stay project for 4 homeless young people aged 16-21 years. Providing support and life All residents work with a keyworker and are offered advice and referrals for housing and. Clients are encouraged to participate in education and training, and supported to gain employment.


  • In Mitcham, Merton, there is supported accommodation providing accommodation for 4 clients with low to medium support needs. Rough sleepers can enjoy a period of stability and prepare for the transition into independent accommodation.