Homeless Health Link Service

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SPEAR Homeless Health Link Service links current or former rough sleepers from Richmond and Kingston into primary care; supporting mental and physical health services. The service was launched in response to a broad range of research and evidence from Local Authorities and Homeless Link evidencing homelessness as a health issue.

Homeless Health Link allows SPEAR to give our rough sleepers a full health MOT and the opportunity to link clients with other health specialists such as GP’s, counselors, social workers, dentistry and other mental and physical health providers. The service is made possible by a funding contract from these local authorities and works closely with Local Authority Homelessness Commissioners.

The SPEAR Health Link team includes a Team Leader called Lesleigh, and two health link workers (one for each Borough).  Janet predominantly looks after Kingston and Giuseppina works in Richmond. The team is working towards reducing the likelihood of more serious long-term illnesses, complex needs and addictions and reduce A&E admissions.


SPEAR’s mission in tackling homelessness has always been about taking our clients on a journey to independence and that homelessness is not just about putting a roof over someone’s head but treating the whole person. SPEAR not only provides our core service of recovery hostels and supported housing but skills and development including training, volunteering and employment opportunities, supporting our clients to break the cycle of homelessness. This additional service of dedicated health support to homeless clients will ensure every aspect of our clients’ needs are supported appropriately and professionally with the dedicated care and attention required to adapt to the individual and complex needs of clients.

For more information or if you would like to refer someone to this service please call on; 0208288 6506  mobile; 07471 036 544 email: HHLS@SpearLondon.org

Alternately fill in this form; Health Link Referral Form and email it back to us.