Our Hostel for Young People in Richmond

SPEAR’s Young People’s Programme based in Richmond began in 2007.  Our three bedroom accommodation project is aimed at young men between the ages of 16 and 19.

Garden project 2The team of two offer support around emotional and mental health wellbeing, education, training and work, life skills, sexual health, drug and alcohol issues and clients transition from a young person to an adult.

The length of stay at this accommodation depends on how well the residents engage with SPEAR, up until they turn 18. If, during their minimum stay of 9 months, the young men demonstrate an eagerness to return to work or education, as well as having an understanding of budgeting and managing bills, understanding official letters and are able to cook healthy, economical meals, their key worker will write to the Housing Officer, nominating them for Move On.

Our Support

Clients will be supported during the resettlement process – offering assistance with paperwork and contracts – and clients are able to contact SPEAR for advice and support even after resettling independently.

The vast majority of clients who stay with us at our Young People’s Programme in Richmond go on to live independently.