Trainee Project Worker Scheme

SPEAR has successfully run a Trainee Project Worker scheme for more than ten years, with around 90% of participants going on to gain employment in the sector.

Trainee Project Workers (TPWs) come from a very broad range of backgrounds, from young people hoping to start a career in homelessness work, to others making a complete career change after working in an unrelated field for a number of years. Some people come with experience of voluntary work in similar projects, whilst others are entirely new to the field.

Please note that the scheme only recruits every six to twelve months. When the scheme is open to applicants, you will be able to apply via the Current Vacancies section of this website. 

If you would like to sign up to receive updates on the scheme, please email with your name and email address.

Trainee Project Workers are key members of the staff team at SPEAR, working alongside Hostel Resettlement and Support Workers to ensure that residents are well supported and the project is run smoothly. As with Resettlement and Support Workers, Trainee Project Workers work 37.5 hours per week to a rota of early morning and late evening shifts.  Trainees are paid at London Living Wage.

Over the twelve months that TPWs initially work at the Hostel, a range of training courses are undertaken, both within SPEAR and involving other professional organisations. The training programme undertaken by TPWs is tailored to the needs of the individual, depending on their immediate training needs and interests, as well as their past experience.

In addition there is considerable on-the-job training as TPWs work closely with permanent staff, attending team meetings and learning more and more about hostel procedures and the support networks available to homeless people in London. As time goes by, Trainee Project Workers can expect to take on increasing levels of responsibility, overseen by their line manager, until they are conducting key work sessions with clients, making housing referrals, offering benefits advice and carrying out any of the other tasks which hostel staff are involved in on a day-to-day basis.

Trainees are offered the opportunity to apply to undertake a Level 3 NVQ in Health and Social Care.  If a TPW is undertaking an NVQ, they will stay on after their first six months in order to gain the qualification.

For Trainees leaving SPEAR we offer advice and support with job applications.

All trainees contribute to the effective running and development of the service, and, although the role can sometimes be a challenging one, we hope that all find the experience rewarding.

Trainee Project Worker Job Description and Person Specification