2018 Runs Throughout UK

2018 Runs Throughout UK

Runs available throughout the UK:

There are plenty of runs throughout the year for all abilities.
It doesn’t matter if this is a one off achievement or part of your regular regimen taking part can make all the difference.
Please get in  touch if interested as we have limited discounted and free spaces for some events.
1) Richmond Riverside 10K run, 17th March
2) Wimbledon Half Marathon, 8th April
3) Battersea Park 5K/10K run, 14th April
4) Chase the Sun, 5K/10K run, 30th May
5) Wimbledon Half Marathon, 3rd June
6) Battersea Park 5K/10K run, 14th July
7) Wimbledon Half Marathon, 14th October

For more information, please contact SPEAR at Fundraising@spearlondon.org.


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