Past: Can you be a Christmas Party Hero

Past: Can you be a Christmas Party Hero

Can Your Team Be Christmas Heroes for SPEAR?

When you set the budget all those months ago did you put aside some funds for the traditional Christmas get together – that you’re now not able to hold?

So, what to do with this money? One thing your team could do is be absolute heroes and donate it to SPEAR.

While for most of us the restrictions mean not being able to go out as much as we would like, for others it means being out more than they imagined.

With the psychological and financial impact of the Pandemic taking hold, the number of people losing their homes and starting to live on the street is more than ever.

That’s not right at any time of the year, but at this festive time we really need to act.

Why not also set up a fundraising page and see if colleagues will donate what they would have spent on drinks at taxis home.

Or if you want to donate directly, click here for the SPEAR Christmas 2020 page

After all, at this time of year we all deserve the chance to be heroes!