Past: Can you Ride The SPEARLondon 2020

Past: Can you Ride The SPEARLondon 2020

Have you been clocking up the miles on your bike through lockdown?

Many of us have been dusting off our bikes and taking to the road through lockdown as part of our socially distancing exercise.

Normally this would be great preparation for being part of #TeamSPEAR at the Prudential Ride London 100.  Due to Covid restrictions the 2020 event has had to be cancelled.  That is why we are launching Ride The SPEARLondon 2020.

What is Ride The SPEARLondon 2020?

This will be a virtual cycling event for all abilities, to enable those missing out on this year’s event to push themselves while supporting SW Londoners experiencing homelessness.

This year’s Ride London was going to be on Sunday 16th August and we are hoping you would want to take part in one of our challenges, either on the day or in the weeks running up to what would have been Ride London.

How can I take part in Ride The SPEARLondon 2020?

It’s really easy, just 4 steps and you’re on your way

1) Set up your fundraising page with JustGiving

2) Choose one of our personal or team challenges from below, or set one for yourself

3) Link your JustGiving page to a Strava Tracker app.  This will automatically update your fundraising page with progress, be it distance, time on the bike or the routes you are taking (You can Choose the settings you want displayed)

4) Share your fundraising page with friends, co-workers, family and social media followers – tell them you’re doing this for a great cause

5) Climb on your bike and start riding and raising funds.

What are the Ride The SPEARLondon 2020 Challenges?

Here are just some ideas based around the concept of Ride London.  You can adapt and create to suit you, your family’s and team’s abilities. These challenges can be done alone or as part of a team.

– Ride 100 miles on 16th August

– Ride 100 miles a week for a month or up until 16th August

– Ride for 10 hours every week

– Do the Ride London course solo or as a virtual relay

– Do a ride a week, but using Strava show that each is unique

– As a team ride 1,000 miles before 16th August

We hope you want to take part

Please send us pictures of you taking part as we would love to share them along with your fundraising page.

Good Luck!