Can You Spring Clean for SPEAR?

Can You Spring Clean for SPEAR?

Declutter and Donate 

During lock down we have all spent far more time in our homes than we ever thought possible.  For many of us spending this time means we are aware of all the books, movies, music and games that we have accrued, many untouched for years.

So, have you taken opportunity to clear the clutter and streamline your life?  Maybe channelling just a little of Marie Kondo?

The trouble is with all Charity Shops closed you can’t actually take the final step and get that clutter out your house and doing good in the community.  Is it now just in a box under your bed or in a pile of bags for life by the front door?

Well Virgin Money Giving have teamed up with Ziffit that means you can finally clear out your house and raise funds.

It’s as simple as 1 . . .2 . . .3 . . .

1)  Download the Ziffit app available on both Apple and Android


2) This turns your phone into a bar code scanner.  Don’t worry you won’t have to type in endless strings of numbers. Just point your phone at the bar code and ping it will instantly tell you what donation we will receive.


3) When you check out, you select SPEAR as the beneficiary.  If the donation weighs more than 5Kg (about 15 paperbacks) they will arrange a courier to collect it while ensuring social distancing is maintained.


So, you can streamline your home and help our work supporting locals experiencing homelessness.