Could you help explain SPEAR’s work to others?

Could you help explain SPEAR’s work to others?

Ambassadors for SPEAR needed!

We want to supplement knowledge of homelessness and awareness back to the local community.

We are grateful to the team of volunteers we have supporting SPEAR  by going out to community groups, companies, faith groups and schools to explain our work and how much local support is appreciated.
We try where possible to offer speakers to attend any event that is supporting SPEAR.  Therefore we are currently looking to recruit new ambassadors for SPEAR to join this team.
We will offer training alongside to help support you in your role of Ambassador. There will always be an experienced ambassador with you when you start, so you’re never alone and someone’s always there to support you.
We will always take into account of when is good and convenient for you, and build your talks around the times in which you’re free. We have evening talks, afternoon talks and morning talks on various different days, so there is plenty of selection!  It is not always large groups so if that is something that concerns you don’t worry.  
If this sounds like something that would interest you please get in touch
Tel: 0207 036 9774

Ambassador talks Offer (fropm Canva) Autumn 2017

Ambassadors can support this school initiative

 We’re thankful for the contributions from the local community – without your help, we wouldn’t be able to do as much as have been able to!

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