Could you organise a sleep outside so others don’t have to?

Could you organise a sleep outside so others don’t have to?

Can you help raise funds by organising a sleep out?

Could you and a group of friends, family or colleagues get together, spend one night under the stars so that we have resources to stop people having to do it?

Big or small, sleep outs or sponsored snoozes are a great way not just to raise funds but also awareness. Although far from the actual experience of people having to live prolonged periods of homelessness, it gives some insight into what others have gone through.

Be it as part of your work, faith or community group, or as a family in your garden, it is more achievable than you might think.

SPEAR will be there to support you with guidance, marketing materials and speakers at the event, but firstly with this guide

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And for younger participants why not set up a Cardboard Camp inside a school or Hall, these have been successfully run by SPEAR scout and church supporters.

To find out hints and tips from a sleep out organised by a church, read the report on how they ran theirs and what they experienced HERE.