Featured volunteer – Mobashir Dar

Featured volunteer – Mobashir Dar

Mob says:

I am lucky enough to have been a volunteer at SPEAR for four years. In that time I’ve worn a number of hats! I’ve been a frontline ‘bucket-shaker’ at railway stations collecting money. I’ve been a driver collecting groceries, paint and clothes and delivering them to the Hub and directly to clients. I’ve been a general helper at Art Fairs and Garden Parties and even assisted on a street count into the early hours of the morning.

Last year I was able to use my day job (working in television) to help Joy Sansom (Fundraising) to book the acts for an online comedy gig which raised over £3,000 for the charity. And most recently, I’ve been working alongside Dr. Rosie Reynolds (Springboard Team Leader) guiding and helping younger clients to write and direct their own short films about homelessness. If we’re lucky, we might be able to film this year and the clients will be able to complete their finished films in a West End post-production house. I cannot tell you how inspiring these young clients have been to work with. They fill me with great hope for their own and their generation’s future.

What an honour it has been volunteering for SPEAR; I look forward to wearing many more hats in the future!

In response to Mob’s testimony, one of our young clients who is working with Mob says:

“I’m so grateful that Mob, a respected and talented producer, has given up his time to help us create a short film of our experiences with homelessness. As well as generously sharing his wealth of knowledge about the industry with us, he has also been patient, encouraging and enthusiastic every step of the way. As someone who loves TV & Film too, I really enjoy our sessions together, where we get to swap recommendations with each other and listen to him explain his craft.”