Featured Volunteer – Ramin

Featured Volunteer – Ramin

We aim to focus on our dedicated volunteers and the work they do at SPEAR. Here is what Ramin has to say about his role in communications and social media:

Joining SPEAR as a volunteer has been one of the highlights of my entire lockdown. It began after a chance encounter with one of SPEAR’s clients, Susie (not her real name), who I bumped into on my street last summer. We chatted for a while and she explained to me the hardships she had undergone whilst waiting for some housing offers to come through. She explained also how SPEAR had been helping not only with her housing application but by checking in with her regularly to make sure she was doing okay.

Seeing Susie express such gratitude for SPEAR’s work prompted me to contact them that same day and before long I was recruited as a communications and social media volunteer.

Since then I have met with clients of SPEAR, past and present, as well as staff members, and conducted video interviews so that their stories could be shared for all to hear on social media. To say it has been a privilege to hear everyone share their journeys with me on film is an understatement. It was a joy to see Svetla, a current client, light up as she showed us her recent work with oil paints, a former passion of hers which was reignited after finding secured accommodation. Seeing Michael’s courage in opening up about the loss of his son and how he turned to religion and poetry to help guide him through his pain. Watching Lee proudly showcase his vegetables after discovering the joys of gardening in one of SPEAR’s allotments, only months after having been sleeping rough in his local park.

You can see some of the films I worked on HERE. Also, hearing SPEAR’s own head of fundraising and communications, Heidi Shrimpton, talk about the challenges SPEAR teams had to overcome to keep the most vulnerable clients looked after throughout the pandemic was inspirational.

Volunteering with SPEAR has been a hugely rewarding experience. I look forward to learning more about the impact that the organisation has on clients, and sharing those insights with the public.

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