Fresh Start – Preventing Homelessness

Fresh Start is an early intervention, homelessness prevention programme, which is outreach and community-based.  

The service was commissioned by Kingston, Sutton and Merton Councils and works closely with Local Authority Homelessness Commissioners. The Fresh Start program works with people who have an existing tenancy but may have some challenges they are facing. They provide advice and guidance and can help link people to services which can support them.

The Fresh Start team offer support around such issues as:

• Finances / debt / money management / benefits
• Physical health
• Mental health / emotional wellbeing
• Employment / education / training / volunteering
• Substance misuse
• Criminal justice

They also support people to engage within their community to feel more connected, and support people to access community peer networks, groups and links.

Our Fresh Start Team are here to lend a friendly and non-judgmental ear, assisting you to get the support you need and deserve. 

This is a free service. We know how difficult it can sometimes be to find the right people to help and have someone listen when you’re trying to explain your situation. In Kingston, the Fresh Start Program works with both single households and families. In Sutton and Merton, the team works with single households only.

The SPEAR Fresh Start Intervention team consists of a Team Leader and six Fresh Start Intervention Workers who work across the Kingston, Sutton and Merton boroughs. The team is working towards reducing homeless by using early intervention and a community-based model.

For more information or if you would like to refer someone to this service please email or call on 07384 215259

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