HHLS wellbeing group – anger management

HHLS wellbeing group – anger management

The anger management group session on 4 December was a real success. Our guest facilitator was Rosie Mortimer who is a retired nurse at West Middlesex Hospital and now volunteers with SPEAR. Rosie went over with the group techniques on how to control anger, what triggers to look out for, do’s and don’ts. Here is some useful guidance:

> give yourself time to think before reacting – try counting to 10 and doing calm breathing exercises

> talk to people about what’s making you angry – speak to someone who is not connected to the situation, such as a friend, GP or a support group such as Samaritans (freecall 116 123)

> exercise – activities such as running, walking, swimming and yoga can help you relax and reduce stress

> find out how to raise your self esteem, including how to be more assertive

> consider peer support, where people use their experience to help others. Check out our Service User Involvement Group

> listen to free mental wellbeing audio guides