Important Notice for Schools Planning a Harvest Festival for SPEAR

Important Notice for Schools Planning a Harvest Festival for SPEAR

Thank You for all the generous support we have received

We  are extremely grateful for all the support we have received over the years from all members of the community at harvest time bringing in vital food supplies that last the entire year!

Changes at SPEAR

Since last harvest we are proud that our services have expanded with our services being utilised in new Boroughs and this has meant transforming some of our spaces from storage to workspaces for front line workers.

Therefore we are very sorry to say that currently we do not  currently have the capacity to accept Harvest Festival donations from schools. 

We appreciate that this may be disappointing for schools who have so faithfully supported us for Harvest Festival.  We hope that we can still work together over the coming academic year supporting both our clients and your pupils in awareness raising activities.
If you need somewhere to donate harvest goods, one suggestion is the local Foodbank.  Details can be found on their website.  Please do contact them first to arrange this.

We still value partnering with you and hope that we can help raise awareness of homelessness with pupils, and give them the opportunity to address it 

There are lots of alternative ways to support SPEAR. helping both our clients and meaningfully engaging students.
Here are a few ideas. to what you can do instead of donating food:
Client Journey Toolkit Autumn 17  A to Z  Literacy challenges undated  Dance  Undated Global entrepeneuer day
PDFs can be downloaded belowAmbassador talks Offer (fropm Canva) Autumn 2017
Can your pupils follow the client pathway
A-Z Fundraising Ideas
SPEAR Literacy challenges
SPEAR Dance Challenges
SPEAR Business Challenge

What SPEAR can do for You

We love to come and talk to your pupils raising awareness to your students about what SPEAR does and how we work with people suffering homelessness in the area. This may be tailored to fit all sizes of groups.
If you would like  a member of the SPEAR team send an email to
SPEAR presentation opportunities
If your secondary school would be interested in participating in First Give information can be found here

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