International Women’s Day: Women Suffering Homelessness

International Women’s Day: Women Suffering Homelessness

On International Women’s Day we remember those women who suffer from homelessness.  Many of women who live on the streets that suffered from domestic abuse.  Once on the street female rough sleepers are particularly vulnerable to violence and exploitation.

Statistics have shown that women’s homelessness has steadily increased since 2010.  25% of our clients are women

With the number of female rough sleepers rising, SPEAR has put into place dedicated facilities for women who would find mixed gender  accommodation traumatic.

These shared houses help SPEAR’s female clients not only have easier access to SPEAR’s tailored programmes and health facilities but also help build the bridge for a better understanding of a sustainable tenancy.

Every female client is assigned a Key Worker who helps them deal with potential trauma with tailored support and helps them overcome their homelessness, step by step. SPEAR also has specialist workers and teams that tailor programmes to help our female clients. They also provide them with unique support and the guidance they require to help them on a  journey from homelessness to independence.

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