Keeping Warm Those Who Need it Most

Keeping Warm Those Who Need it Most

Winter Fuel Allowance or Winter Fuel Payment is a payment made once a year to households with someone over Pension Credit age. The payment is there to help with your heating costs.
We greatly appreciate the kindness of our supporters, in a position to do so,  for donating this money to SPEAR to ensure that those in most need are kept warm. 
If you find yourself to be in a similar position where you are able to donate this payment, then please visit our just giving donation page.

  • £20 pays for a thermal sleeping bag for one of our clients, keeping them warm this winter
  • £50 pays for an outreach shift to ensure that we don’t miss a rough sleeper on the streets taking them from the cold, into the warmth
  • £100 pays for food for all our hostel residents to ensure they are prepared to tackle the cold temperatures outside 


Who can claim Winter Fuel Allowance this year?

The majority of people born on or before the 5th April 1954 will qualify for the allowance in 2019/20. There are details in the table below but for full details please go to the government website.

Winter fuel allowance 2019-20

How to claim Winter Fuel Payment

To find our whether you are eligible to make a claim, call the Winter Fuel Payment Helpline on 0800 731 0160. After you have claimed this once, you should automatically receive this payment in November or December every year, as long as your circumstance remain the same.

If you are interested in donating this payment or you want to donate anything at all this Christmas, then please visit our just giving donation page.

If you have any unanswered questions then please contact us on or calling us on 0207 036 9774

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