How can your Lenten efforts help local homeless?

How can your Lenten efforts help local homeless?

Lent is a period of penitence, reflection, and fasting leading up to Easter.

Many use this as a time to take steps to improve their health or lifestyles, maybe bolstering up failed New Year resolutions.

But while you are improving your life, perhaps your Lenten efforts could really make a difference to those suffering homeless.  Collect the money you save from the things you have given up and at Easter donate to SPEAR.

Who knows, once you see how much the thing you have given up is costing you, maybe you’ll give it up for good!

Here are some ideas for Lent:

  • Donate 40 items for 40 days

  • Take up volunteering and support a charity

  • Don’t purchase things that you don’t need

  • Donate money that you would have spent on whatever you are fasting from

  • Save up your change and donate it to charity

  • Swearing jar

  • Give up alcoholcocktail-1049525_1280

  • Give up soda

  • Give up coffee

  • Make a coffee at home to take on the commute and not stop at a coffee shop

  • Give up tea

  • Give up smoking

  • Give up junk food such as chocolate, cakes and crisps

  • Give up fried food

  • Give up takeaways

  • Stop eating meat

Alternatively why not take up something this Lent?

Could you make a regular commitment to SPEAR starting this Lent?

It does not have to be a huge amount, just a small amount each month can soon grow to a huge amount of help to those sleeping rough.

Just £10 a month if gift aided is £150 a year helping local residents suffering homelessness.

SPEAR Standing order form

Support SPEAR!

    • £5 could pay for a bus fare for a SPEAR client to get to a job interview

    • £10 could pay for hats and gloves for rough sleepers

    • £20 could provide a week’s supply of hot drinks and snacks for our drop in.

    • £50 could pay for a thermal sleeping bag or pay for a night outreach shift.

    • £100 pays for food for all our hostel residents

    • £200 could pay for a new single mattress for a client moving into a new flat

If you are interested in taking part, please get in contact with our Fundraising Team at

Or please give us a call on 0207 036 9774

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