Listening to our clients

Listening to our clients

SPEAR conducted a Client Satisfaction Survey in March-May 2021 to receive feedback on how clients felt about the services and programmes provided to them. This was particularly important as clients have been through some very difficult times during the Covid Pandemic. Clients were asked how they think SPEAR could improve and also commented on ideas for future programmes.

577 clients were contacted and 142 completed the survey. Getting in touch with so many people would not have been possible without the incredible help of our volunteers.

From the results, we are happy to report:

  • 88% of clients are happy with the overall services SPEAR supports them with
  • Over 80% of clients feel they can quickly get in touch with their SPEAR support worker and see them as often as needed
  • 89% of clients felt they could talk with their support worker about their circumstances and any issues they are facing

Clients suggested a range of multi-disciplinary activities, with healthy cooking workshops and fitness sessions being most popular. They also suggested more face-to-face trips, computer skills and gardening. Young people would like to do more sports.

In terms of improving SPEAR’s services, participants suggested better access to counselling and more mental health training for staff.

We are grateful to clients for all the feedback received and will review how we can better support their needs. One project will promptly start thanks to new volunteers – we will be launching cooking workshops in hostels and putting together healthy recipe cards for clients.

Residents at our Young Persons’ Hostel with Support Worker Tony  

“Always there for me. They helped me from the street – gave me a house and benefits. They brought me back to life”

“My key worker is always very helpful, always available. He’s never declined any requests for help” 

“Can tell them anything”

“Would like to see my Health Worker in the mornings”                                           

“Workers keep on ringing me, prompting me and supporting me – I like that level of engagement”

“I need help with computer learning”

“It would be nice to meet with other clients and share experiences” 

“Limited data on phone”

“Provide more spaces for a warm cup of coffee and a shower during the winter months”

“Helped me with food and an oyster card during lockdown”