Making and keeping to your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION

Making and keeping to your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION

We all know the struggle of making a new years resolution: We start off well by cutting our naughty or annoying habit out for a week or two. Next, we regress to having a cheat day, which quite quickly turns into two, and coincidentally the days become less spaced out on which we fall back into our old habit. Finally, by the end of the fourth week, we completely forget about it and make the same promise to ourselves the following year. The cycle continues year after year and we just can’t find the motivation within ourselves to give up or stop that annoying habit.




Let SPEAR act as an external motivation for you to give up your habit. Whether that is smoking, drinking, eating sweets, or buying too many shoes, follow this three step system to not only help yourself but the wider community around you.

  1. Save the money you would usually spend on your annoying habit

  2. Donate the money you saved to SPEAR

  3. Allow SPEAR to continue to help homeless people back into accommodation, as well as helping those at risk of homelessness.

Alternatively, if you are not quite ready to give up your habit once and for all, why don’t you let others sponsor you to do so. Similar to growing a moustache or beard in November and getting others to sponsor you, do the same but for giving up that one habit everyone thinks you can’t get out of.

  1. Get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you

  2. Give up your annoying habit

  3. Collect the sponsorship money and donate it to SPEAR

…and if you don’t have any annoying habits, why not help out SPEAR in other ways in the new year?

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