My Volunteer Experience at SPEAR

My Volunteer Experience at SPEAR

Volunteer Thomas Gribbon’s Story

I was at the Richmond may fair 2015 with my partner Hilda while we were looking around a young boy asked us if we wanted to buy a toy car, He told us it was for a good cause. His mum called him back and apologised but he had already gotten our attention, we then spoke to his mum who we now know to be Julie.

Julie informed us of SPEAR and told us about what they do and I arranged to come and see her where I signed up as a Volunteer. The First time I worked for SPEAR was 7th June 2015 at the Volunteers fair in York House I have now been with them for nearly 4 Years.

Since I have been with them I have done various tasks and duties. I have mainly been co-ordinating the Donations that we have been given from Food to clothing and bedding as well as any Sleeping bags and any other goods given.

I have done leaflet dropping in Richmond and Twickenham. I have also worked in various buildings connected to SPEAR. I have helped out with the Fundraising team with both Administration and counting and any other work that is required I have also helped some of the clients to learn how to use the computer.

I have found the staff that work in SPEAR are very pleasant and I enjoy working with them in all the buildings that I have worked in. I also think that the work they do makes it worthwhile being a part of this unique team. These people that work here help the homeless people realise that there is a future and they are always there to help improve their lives.

This is why I have pleasure and enjoy coming here twice a week to do whatever I can.

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