New skills and wellbeing pathways for clients in 2020/21

New skills and wellbeing pathways for clients in 2020/21

SPEAR’s Community Development & Innovations Team carried out a Covid-19 client wellbeing survey during the Summer of 2020. The intention was to collect feedback on SPEAR’s response to the pandemic from clients, find out how they have been impacted and to gather insights on which services they required.

Thank you to our volunteers who helped to conduct the survey with clients over the phone 

We are delighted to find that 91% of clients were satisfied or very satisfied with the support they received. The survey also revealed that clients struggled the most with money issues, sleep and mental health. Some of their worries were:

  • “Not being able to go out and see friends and everything being shut”
  • “Scared of the news, fear of dying, fear of mum passing away”
  • “Scared because I don’t have the money to survive”
  • “Loneliness, motivation, insecurity and worrying about other people”

New projects and collaborations

From the survey data, we saw a need to create new Skills and Wellbeing pathways for SPEAR clients. 79% of clients were interested in getting involved in one of the following activities:

  • Independent Living Skills
  • IT
  • Finance/Money Management
  • Education, Training and Employment (ETE)
  • Social Activities and Volunteering
  • Healthy Exercise

In response to the need for Independent Living, IT and Finance skills, SPEAR will be further upskilling our workforce from January 2021 to give staff the tools they need to provide Digital Skills, Financial Skills and Tenancy Skills training to clients.

To create better ETE pathways, SPEAR joined up with Wandsworth Lifelong Learning to offer free Pre-Employment and Wellbeing courses for all SPEAR clients. We are also working with Only A Pavement Away and Beyond Food to provide easy pathways for clients to access work in the hospitality industry. We have arranged with local councils to offer free construction training and employment pathways to all clients. Work Match and Ingeus are also providing one-to-one support in ETE to our clients in Wandsworth, Richmond and Kingston.

To improve client access to social activities and volunteering, we have set up a series of new Service Involvement Groups for clients to join. These groups allow clients to have a say in how the charity is run and to highlight social activities, trips or volunteering they would like to get involved in. The first Wandsworth and Kingston Service Involvement Groups launched in September 2020, with plans to launch the first groups in Sutton and Merton over the coming months.

From January 2021, SPEAR will be launching a series of healthy activity-related pathways for clients, for example discounted gym passes and access to classes and workshops. We will be working in collaboration with SPEAR clients to plan and implement better access to healthy activities for all clients.