Online Fundraising Pamper Party in Support of SPEAR – 17th June 7-8.30pm

Online Fundraising Pamper Party in Support of SPEAR – 17th June 7-8.30pm

Having been very recently introduced to the work of SPEAR, Vicky Hitchin, an Independent Ambassador for Tropic Skincare, has stepped up to support our work with those experiencing homelessness in South West London.  Why?  See Vicky’s story below.


On the 17th June 2021 at 7pm I will be hosting a ‘Pamper Party for SPEAR’ evening via Zoom full of fun and self care tips and tricks in order to raise money for this incredible charity. And of course it wouldn’t be a zoom without a little quiz and the opportunity to win yourself some Tropic Goodies!


I have only recently been made aware of the incredible work that SPEAR does for people experiencing homelessness in South and West London. The amazing team help find secure accommodation for those in need and work towards a positive future.

As restrictions end and we move to a new normal, for some that means becoming homeless.

Since March 2020 there has been a ban on Covid Rent Evictions meaning those who couldn’t afford their rent were not made homeless. However those arrears have not been written off, and when evictions resume, along with job losses caused by furlough ending, SPEAR will need to help more people than ever.


If you’d like to offer your support to my ‘Pamper Party for SPEAR’ event, I suggest an optional donation of £3 which can be Gift Aided. (100% of donations will go to SPEAR.)

Not only will you be able to get your hands on some beautiful all natural, vegan skincare and beauty products, but 25% of all sales from the event will be donated to SPEAR. (This 25% is the commission value that I would’ve made, and is not associated with Tropic directly.)

Also, an extra 15% of all sales will be donated as Tropic products (cruelty-free make-up; vegan skincare) for SPEAR to hand out to their clients as a well needed piece of self care. (The 15% is a host gift allowance.)

Once you have completed the optional donation in support of the event you will receive an email with all of the information you will need for the event!

Thank you for all of your support and see you on the 17th June!

Vicky x