Organise Your Own Snooze/Sleepout!

Organise Your Own Snooze/Sleepout!

It’s simple: Here’s how . . .

All Hallows Church

A local church – All Hallows in Twickenham – organised their own successful sponsored Sleep-out. Check out their photos!

Here are some words from those that helped organise it and those that took part;

Euan Williams, 13, a Scout, said: “I found the SPEAR sleepover really interesting. The speaker told us about life on the street and then we slept in cardboard boxes. It was really uncomfortable and cold. I was glad to get into my own bed the next night.”
Charlotte Rhodes, 14, a member of All Hallows Guides unit, said: “I enjoyed the experience and the talk really gave me a better understanding of the hardships that homeless people face.”
Anna Gregson, 9, an All Hallows Cub, said: “It was good to learn how people came to sleep rough and about their social experience of homelessness.  The sleepover was a good experience of sleeping rough and it was fun too!”

Rosaleen Williams, 15, a regular member of the church, said: “The Sleep-Out was a great experience and a reminder of the hardship that homeless people face.”

Joseph Williams, 11, a Scout, said: “The Sleep-Out was great fun and I didn’t feel cold!”
All Hallows ‘Champion’ for SPEAR, Rebecca Wallis, said: “SPEAR is one of our nominated charities for the year. The Sleep-Out was designed to give our young people a way of learning more about the issue of homelessness while raising much-needed cash for the charity.”
Scout leader and church warden, Dan Mackernan, said: “There’s been a lot of energy going into our charities work lately and we wanted our young people to be part of that. This specially designed event gave them the chance to think very hard about what it would be like to be homeless, while also rallying their friends and relations to sponsor them and make some money for SPEAR.”

If you want to organise a SPEAR Snooze for SPEAR, they’ve kindly given some top tips on how they did it and what they learnt. All Hallows Sponsored Sleep-Out 2015.
SPEAR will also help you with producing your publicity materials.


St Mary’s Sleep out 2015

St Mary’s University Netball team organised their own sleep out in January 2015. They tweeted throughout the event and uploaded pictures of their experience. Below are some tweets and photos from the night, visit our Facebook page SPEAR London for some more photos!
St Mary's Sleepout 2015 Twitter comments (2)St Mary's Sleepout 2015 Twitter comments (3)

Petersham Sea Scouts

Petersham Sea Scouts have been supporting SPEAR for many years now by organising sleep outs. At their most recent sleep out, they spent the afternoon creating their shelters for the night with cardboard boxes and build a magnificent bonfire in the scout hut grounds. They shared a lovely tea of rice and curry around the bonfire flames and played games in the dark field before spending the night in their cardboard city. Waking to enjoy cooked breakfasts in the morning, to help end the taste of sleeping away from the comfort of their beds. Bruce from our fundraising team joined them and said it was an enjoyable and insightful experience from all those involved.

So, go on why not organise your own Sponsored Sleep-out with your school, church, community group? You’ll have a lot fun and they all learnt about homelessness too, from the SPEAR Ambassador who came and talked to them.

Download this Organise Your Own Sleep-Out Guide to help you get started!


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