Skills Development and Wellbeing Improvement

Skills Development and Wellbeing Improvement are a central part of all keywork at SPEAR. Our Skills and Wellbeing pathways allow people to build up their confidence, learn new skills such as IT, literacy and CV writing, and is critical to improving confidence and wellbeing.

We know that increased self-esteem comes with small steps of change. These steps make the difference in maintaining a home and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Some highlights from Skills and Wellbeing at SPEAR:

  • SPEAR works with the Salvation Army, WorkMatch and Ingeus to link people experiencing homelessness with support to access employment, education and training.
  • All SPEAR clients can access our Pre-Employment Training and Wellbeing Programmes – a partnership with Wandsworth Lifelong Learning – that provides a range of courses to get clients ready for work or to improve wellbeing and build confidence.
  • In July 2020, SPEAR started working with Only a Pavement Away – a charity for the employment of homeless people, ex-offenders and vulnerable veterans into careers within the hospitality industry.
  • The Volunteer Mentor Programme launched in September 2020, linking clients with appropriate volunteers to provide one-to-one mentoring support around Skills and Wellbeing pathways for up to six one-hour sessions. The programme was planned and developed with the input of long-time SPEAR volunteer Helen Gillingham, and feedback from clients and keyworkers.
  • Tony Sakim from our young persons’ hostel in Richmond runs weekly cooking sessions and monthly group sessions called LADDS focussing on Learning About Drink & Drugs Sensibly. He also runs ad hoc sessions to improve fitness, cycle maintenance and IT skills for young people living in SPEAR’s Richmond hostel.