Rob’s Story

Rob’s Story

I used to have a good job, good friends and a home. Then a few years ago, my life imploded. I was drinking and losing everyone around me. After I left the place I shared with my girlfriend, I quickly ran out of money and had nowhere to stay.

Luckily, my ex still cared and got in touch with SPEAR. They moved me into a place in Twickenham. I thought I was moving there to die. I kept on drinking, lost all confidence and the ability to cope with life. There were more ambulances, more hospitals, more worry.

But SPEAR persevered. They were patient with me. They gave me a plan. Eventually I woke up and chose life. I chose to accept help. I chose the future, not the past.

I went to AA and counselling and stopped drinking. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, I worked at it and slowly won back the trust of the people I had hurt.

SPEAR have helped me learn to love life. I have ambitious plans now. Rob 2.0 will be a better version of the Rob that was at his best before all this. Between the time I was sat outside a building, on the street, drinking, sitting in urine, dressed in hospital ‘lost and found’ clothing and with life ebbing away, and a meeting yesterday with Google, there was a bridge. That bridge was SPEAR. I can never thank them enough.