Past: Run Through’s just giving June 2020

Past: Run Through’s just giving June 2020

RunThrough is a renowned provider of organised runs throughout London and are a long time supporter of SPEAR offering our dedicated fundraisers discounted and free places in various events enabling them to raise vital funds for us.

During lockdown they have continued to organise virtual runs, but are aware that many people who would have attended runs, raising vital funds for all charities, are not doing so. They have therefore decided that throughout June they are going to encourage their followers to actively take part in events for the charities RunThrough supports.

So What Can you Do?

Although RunThrough focus on runs, you can do absolutely anything that will challenge you and inspire people to sponsor you. This was shown by our recent 2.6 Challenge where SPEAR supporters did all manner of events raising thousands of pounds while having a huge amount of fun.

If you want some inspiration, download the 2.6 Challenge idea pack (click on image below). If you want more ideas we have them on our Resources Page.

thumbnail of Ideas for your RunThrough challenge

You’ve Chosen a Challenge. What’s next?

Now is the time to spread the word and start raising funds. In these days of social distancing, using online Fundraising Portals is more important than ever.

We’re registered with both JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving. Setting up a fundraising page is really simple and you should be up and running in ten to fifteen minutes.

However it is worth spending a bit of time on the page personalising it as much as possible with stories of what you are doing and why, with pictures really adding impact.  The more personalised the page, the more your friends will sponsor you.

Spreading The Word

Both fundraising platforms will give you a page link that you can then send out to friends and colleagues.  Send us pictures and a link and we’d love to share your story on our social media.

If your challenge is an ongoing one, updates to your fundraising page and social media keep your followers engaged and the sponsorship keep on coming.

JustGiving have made his even easier and have partnered with Strava a tracking website so your followers can keep a day by day eye on how you’re doing.


With the Fundraising Team all working from home we can’t offer as many resources as we normally would like to.  However if you download and print off this logo and include it in your posts it’ll give your fundraising a real boost.


Thank You to all who take part in RunThough‘s June Challenge. We look forward to seeing your stories, if you are posting on social media please tag us:

Facebook: SPEAR
Instagram: spearlondon87
Twitter: @SPEARLondon
LinkedIn: SPEAR London