Past: SPEAR Advent Calendar Launching 1st December 2020

Past: SPEAR Advent Calendar Launching 1st December 2020

1st December!  Today is the first day of SPEAR Advent Calendar. We’ll be posting content on our social media platforms each day up to & including Christmas Day so do follow us to keep updated.

As this is the start of our countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar,  it is only fitting that we go back to the founding of SPEAR and the vision of one person, Penny Wade.

SPEAR’s work continues to follow Penny’s legacy – working with thousands of people experiencing homelessness across five London boroughs for the past 33 years.

One person can make a huge difference

Initially working with people experiencing homelessness in a daytime drop-in setting, Penny was spurred into action due to the tragic plight of the homelessness situation within the borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Penny was determined to reach out locally, urging members of the community  to attend a meeting to discuss her vision:


Everyone deserves a safe place to call home

Penny galvanised local organisations and people into action and was able to open the 14 bed hostel in Richmond that now bears her name, Penny Wade House. At that time housing 14 people was seen as a major step in addressing the issue of local homelessness.

In 2020, SPEAR is needed more than ever. SPEAR began with Penny housing 14 people in 1987; since the beginning of lockdown  2020,  SPEAR has accommodated 417 people.

We at SPEAR are committed to carrying on Penny’s legacy for as long as we are needed but we hope that SPEAR, along with other with homelessness charities, will one day be consigned to history.

If you would like to be part of Penny’s legacy please donate what you can to our Christmas Campaign.