SPEAR Appeal promoted in Campbell Tickell Bulletins

SPEAR Appeal promoted in Campbell Tickell Bulletins


2020 was a tough year for SPEAR, with reduced income from cancellation of fundraising events and the increased number of rough sleepers accommodated during the pandemic. We foresee 2021 being just as challenging, if not more, as we anticipate a rise in people forced into homelessness. We have therefore launched an appeal to ensure our support services can continue running.

Thanks to Campbell Tickell for promoting the poster below in upcoming editions of their CT Opportunities Bulletin.


Many people are losing and will lose their homes due to the impact of the Pandemic.
Please help SPEAR be there to offer both hope and help.

Through 2020 the number of homeless people SPEAR worked with significantly increased.

Sadly, in 2021 our services are still needed more than ever.

When furlough ends many jobs will end, leading to financial difficulties that could be the tipping point.

Throughout the Pandemic those who have been incurring rent arrears have been protected from eviction. However they have been living with the stress that this will inevitably resume. When it does, we fear a surge of people will be facing homelessness, unsure of where to turn.

Help SPEAR continue to be there when people need us most:


Our Outreach Teams will be on the streets offering our services and hope to rough sleepers.
Our Key Workers will work with people helping them deal with losing their home, securely and permanently accommodating them as soon as possible, and ensuring they receive the health, social, education and employment support they need.