The tremendous value of pro bono support

The tremendous value of pro bono support


There are many companies and organisations we’d like to thank who support SPEAR through fundraising, grants and other ways. Our work at SPEAR can only continue because of the generous support of organisations and individuals who financially support SPEAR.

This Volunteers’ Week, we wanted to give a special mention to two different companies who have broadened out their support into volunteering their professional skills with SPEAR:


CommsCo has helped SPEAR raise the profile of our work in the media over the last few months and continue to look for new ways to help us raise our profile. They apply their expertise in content writing and public relations to promote our latest news and updates, and are exploring avenues to help us gain recognition in the sector and community. Moreover, we are really appreciative of their pro-active efforts to check in regularly and see where we need help.


Avantia is a corporate partner who has recently renewed their Charity of the Year support for SPEAR for a second year. Avantia not only fundraises through their business and individual events like the 2.6 Challenge, employees have also donated their time to share their professional skills. David and Libby in digital marketing have been helping us navigate Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation. Their valuable technical expertise has enabled us to implement techniques to further enhance our presence on the online web.

On Volunteers’ Week we would like to say thank you to Comms Co and Avantia for sharing their pro bono professional skills with SPEAR in the areas of PR and digital communications. Due to the nature of being able to work remotely, this support has continued throughout Covid-19.

Can your company donate your expertise?

If you have professional skills to share, please do get in touch at: It can sometimes take time for a charity to find the right way to work with a company or an individual through their professional skills. However, when it does get off the ground it helps professionalise the work of the charity, can save money and valuable resource, gives an external, professional viewpoint, helps us build new networks and in some cases endorses our work and our decisions.