‘Thoughts’ – written by a SPEAR Peer Mentor

‘Thoughts’ – written by a SPEAR Peer Mentor

As a Peer Mentor I meet and listen to people from all walks of life, sitting down with them and letting them tell you how they feel, to be understanding and showing them you care.

I wish I could wave my hands and all their problems would go away.

But being there, supporting them in any way you can makes someone feel special and good about themselves.

We all need to care and support each other, both staff and volunteers.

I hope that all the people I have met since I started at SPEAR have felt a small, positive change in their life and that they feel happy that they can chat with me whenever they need to, knowing that I will not judge them – as I know how that feels.

  • Trust is a big thing when you meet clients.
  • Giving them a voice.
  • Giving positive feedback.
  • Don’t take your work home.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from staff at SPEAR.
  • Take time out.

This year has been hard for everyone due to the Covid lockdowns.

There will be good days and bad days, both for staff and volunteers.

Have I enjoyed being a Peer Mentor volunteering with the SPEAR Homeless Health Link Team? I can say a BIG YES.

Would I recommend other clients to do the Peer Mentoring Course? I would say YES!


Find out more about our Peer Mentoring programme for people with lived experience of homelessness.