What will you do with your first new £10?

What will you do with your first new £10?

On Thursday 14th September the new £10 will be launched with Jane Austen replacing Charles Darwin.
Will you be heading to the cashpoint on Thursday to see who you get, or will your first sight of the classic author be in your change?
However you receive your first note, what item will it be spent on?
A DVD?  A round of drinks?   A quick shop on the way home from work?

Why don’t you do make that first note really significant and use it to help those suffering homelessness?

Simply pop your first £10 intro an envelope and send it to us at 89 Heath Road, Twickenham TW1 4AW.
And if you are a tax payer simply by completing a Gift Aid Form you can make that donation so much further .
Donation and Gift Aid
Or if  you want to keep hold of your first new £10 you can electronically  donate the value to us here
Alternatively could you donate Jane to us every month?  Setting up a Standing Order is really easy and ensures that we can provide accommodation and recovery services to those most in need?
SPEAR Standing Order Form

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