What’s it like facing a second lockdown while recovering from homelessness?

What’s it like facing a second lockdown while recovering from homelessness?

For many of us the news of a second lockdown came as a real body blow.

Here in his own words one of our clients explains the impact it had on him:

“When the first lockdown hit London, I was staying on a mate’s sofa, so I felt ok, but soon felt very down and stressed because I could not go out so I felt like I was in prison.

I had to see if I could get a part time job so I could get out of my mate’s house in the daytime. But no luck, so when the first lockdown ended I was so happy that I could get out of the area I was staying in; move more freely, go to Hyde Park, go to see friends and family and go to get the support I needed when I needed it.

But when Boris said that London was going into another lockdown I felt sick and worried again. All the things I had sorted out has been blown out of the water, the only good news was that I was put into a shared house by SPEAR which I’m very grateful for.

I suffer from mental health problems and also have PTSD which is hard to cope with when you can’t speak to your doctors, friends and family because we have to meet outside.  My fear was that I was going to lose the plot. I felt sadness, stress, not eating, worried about what support was out there for other people like me.

And I was not sleeping very well. I felt angry and some mornings I would stay in bed. But with some support from SPEAR I now go to college once a week again, and maybe this will help me get a job soon. That’s every Friday and I look forward to going. It gets me out and meeting new people in a safe clean space, and the staff who met up with me for a chat and a cup of coffee made me feel very special.

The teacher who is helping run the programme is great too. The only worry now is Christmas, when all services close and everyone will be hopefully going to meet friends and family. I won’t and I am getting a bit stressed about it. But once again a big thank you to all at SPEAR for all your help and support so far. Lockdown is hard for everyone but I find it harder as some days I need support.”