Past: Wimbledon Half Marathon 14th October 2018

Past: Wimbledon Half Marathon 14th October 2018

Starting at 9.30am, this picturesque course takes you running through the stunning grounds of Wimbledon Common. This inspiring route is organised by Run Through so you can try and set your course record over the Half Marathon distance.
You will each get a custom Wimbledon themed Medal, T-Shirt, water, fruit and flapjacks. Each mile is accurately marked out with sign posts and there are plenty of helpers to keep you on track and to encourage you on your way to the finish.
Wimbledon half medal runthrough
Come and enjoy the day with us; we hope to see you there!

  • Age: 18+
  • Discounted places available at £20.00 (usually £26.00)
  • £50 minimum for sponsorship target

To register, please contact SPEAR at






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