About Us

Our Vision

We strive for communities in which anyone facing or experiencing homelessness can quickly move into secure accommodation, get effective support, and work towards their hopes and aspirations.

Our Mission

To enable homeless people in South and West London to find secure accommodation and work towards a positive future.

Our Values

SPEAR is a charity working with homeless people in and around Richmond and Merton.  Since 1987, we have offered services to thousands of homeless and vulnerable people, successfully transforming lives and supporting many of our service users to the point that they have achieved total independence. SPEAR is not just about homelessness and housing – our aim is to support clients to live independently, reach their aspirations and live a fulfilling life. We support clients to develop new skills, confidence and self-esteem. We know that increased self esteem comes with small steps of change and that all these steps make the difference to maintaining a home and breaking the cycle of homelessness. We offer excellent services to those most marginalised in society and we strive constantly to improve those services and the lives of our clients.


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A video for a deeper insight into the work SPEAR carries out.

Our Patron & Trustees

Our Patron is The Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable To read individual Biographies of our Patron, CEO and Trustees please look here: To read individual Biographies of our previous Trustees please look here:

Current Trustees

Resigned Trustees

John Alexander Stephen (Chair)Charles Barrie Hatch (Vice-Chair) Lorraine Clifton(appointed 2007, resigned 2016)
Appointed 2015: Jeremy Theobald  Grant Healy Paul Gannon (Treasurer, appointed May 2012, resigned 2016)
Appointed 2016: Rachel Smith  Kate Kiely  Jonathon Cardy  Duncan Richford  Alex Doig  Charlotta Campanale Frances Bouchier (resigned 2016)

SPEAR Chief Executive

Stuart Nevill (appointed 2011)