Resettlement and Tenancy Support

The Resettlement and Tenancy Support Team supports people in temporary and more permanent accommodation by offering advice and support to maintain their tenancies.

Once someone is referred to the team, either by our Outreach Teams or local councils, the team will assess what type of accommodation is best suited for them. The type of accommodation will depend on the person’s specific background and needs.

As soon as the client has moved into their accommodation, an allocated tenancy support worker will work alongside them to ensure they are provided with tailored support until they are ready for independent living. Working closely with the other services, the type of support available can vary from budgeting to access to employment and training.

This service is offered to up to 160 people at any given time. A Tenancy Support Worker will support between 15 to 20 people following the Homelessness Outcome Star system used to address needs, set goals, and track someone’s progress.

Housing First

Since 2021, the Resettlement team also provides intensive and person-centred support via the Housing First scheme in Sutton, Richmond, and Wandsworth.

Funded by local authorities, Housing First:

  • Gives people who have experienced homelessness and chronic health and social care needs a stable home from which to rebuild their lives.
  • Provides intensive, person-centred, holistic support that is open-ended.
  • Places no conditions on individuals; however, they should desire to have a tenancy.

Krzysztof’s story

Krzysztof was found sleeping rough by our Richmond Outreach team in 2021. He experienced street homelessness due to a relationship breakdown. In July 2021, Krzysztof, as part of the Housing First scheme, signed into a ten-year tenancy for a flat of his own. A few months later, in 2022, Krzysztof was supported to pursue his interests including an English language course.

Jordan’s story

Jordan, 49, was forced into homelessness after his mental health issues became too hard to deal with. With no one to turn to, Jordan ended up sleeping rough for half a year.