Accommodation for young people

In Richmond and Merton, our accommodations for young people support clients aged 16 to 25 who have experienced any type of homelessness.

They are referred in many ways; via the council or social services after being assessed to be in a situation of vulnerability, like a family breakdown, where they need additional support and accommodation.

The length of stay varies and clients are able to contact SPEAR for advice and support even after moving onto independent living.


In this fourteen room hostel, clients work with a key worker and are offered advice and referrals for housing and benefit, and start to address any support needs. The young people are encouraged to participate in education and training, and supported to gain employment. With the stability of the hostel and a supportive environment, many of them are able to take positive steps to turn their life around.


In this three bedroom accommodation, the team offers support around emotional and mental health wellbeing, education, training and work, life skills, sexual health, drug and alcohol issues and clients transition from a young person to an adult.